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Deftones/ISIS supergroup Palms release details on forthcoming debut

Palms Deftones ISIS

If you stare intently through the twigs and brush, you’ll be able to spot Chino Moreno (vocalist of Deftones), and erstwhile ISIS members Jeff Caxide, Aaron Harris and Bryant Clifford Meyer (the band’s bassist, drummer and electronics/keys/guitar utility guy respectively). Together they are Palms, a brand new ‘supergroup’ that was announced a little while ago, but from which we’ve not heard anything concrete – until now.

People were pretty bummed when ISIS split up back in 2010 – from a personal perspective, Panopticon and Oceanic were two of the records that got me into metal in the first place, so I may not even be here without them – and the world has been wanting for something in their vein ever since; crushingly beautiful soundscapes that simultaneously get your head thrashing about, whilst also wanting to relax with something strong on the rocks and contemplate things like the purpose of rage and how long the morning dew in a field might sustain a man – or something like that.

So given the progeny of these members, it’s quite exciting to think what they might be capable. A track called “Tropics” has appeared somewhat unofficially (it’s being wiped from various places intermittently, but we have a Soundcloud version below which we ourselves haven’t managed to verify or listen to yet) via Chino originally, but the main news it that they will be releasing their debut album this summer.

We can’t imagine this being anything but excellent. Caxide will be providing bass/keyboards, Harris drums (as well as handling recording duties), Meyer guitar/keyboards, and Moreno vocals of course. Mike Patton‘s Ipecac Records is the label (awesome), and June 25th is the date. You can keep up to date via the band’s Facebook page or the forthcoming website for more updates as and when they’re available.

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