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UK Tech Fest 2016: what’s good?

5 bands to watch at Tech Fest 2016


Searu 2014

Playing: Thursday, 1:00pm – Hands On Printing Stage

A band I have watched grow from day one, having given them their live debut nearly 4 years ago and returning fresh from a hiatus with a renewed energy and drive to make a name for themselves, Searu will showcase their unique blend of progressive bass-driven grooves on Thursday morning.

Drummer Lee Thorley will easily be the happiest drummer you witness all weekend, likely to be giggling to himself around the campsite all weekend.

Searu on Facebook

Seek Solace In Ruin

Seek Solace In Ruin 2014

Playing: Thursday, 2:00pm – Hands On Printing Stage

Hailing from the remote North of Cumbria and carrying a swashbuckling, grog-swilling attitude to match, these masters of groove metal will give all Lamb of God fans their early festival fix of headbanging on Thursday.

Frontman Joe Fryer has an incredible stage presence and the lung capacity to match. If you need something to shake off the Thursday morning cobwebs and get you into the swing of the festival, SSIR have you covered.

Seek Solace In Ruin on Facebook

Fall Of The Archetype

Fall Of The Archetype 2014

Playing: Thursday, 3:00pm – Hands On Printing Stage

Bristol has produced a fair few bands for the UK’s burgeoning tech metal scene, and Fall of the Archetype are the next in line to get their shot at playing its premier event.

Blending a huge array of influences from Fellsilent, to SikTh-style spasmodic vocals, to TesseracT-esque sparkling clear guitar cleans., their ability to seamlessly jump between influences is what sets FOTA apart from their peers, and will hopefully garner them a new fan base.

Fall Of The Archetype on Facebook


Belial 2015

Playing: Saturday, 3:00pm – Hands On Printing Stage

The musical incarnation of a hurricane colliding with several large tornados during a thunderstorm, Belial are – aptly – named after the devil, with imposing frontman Jamie Harrison providing the kind of guttural vocals that wouldn’t be out of place in The Exorcist.

Slowly building a name for themselves and having recently played with the likes of Sworn Amongst and Slaughter To Prevail, their live act is becoming ever-more polished with each outing. A must see for fans of truly heavy music.

Belial on Facebook


Frontierer - Orange Mathematics album art

Playing: Sunday, 4:30pm – Carillion Guitars Stage

Frontierer are not for the faint-hearted, as anyone who listened to last year’s offering Orange Mathematics will testify.

With vocalist Chad Kapper (pulling a double shift over the weekend with A Dark Orbit) and Sectioned mastermind Pedram Valiani at the helm, their set promises to be one of the most tastefully distasteful of the entire festival.

Expect blasts, harsh noise, digital distortions and more strobe than a keystone cops skit.

Frontierer on Facebook

UK Tech Fest kicks off on Thursday 7th July 2016. Tickets are still available from the website, and you can follow the festival on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more info.

The stage times have just been released, so take a gander for the full line-up including the latest changes:

UK Tech Fest 2016 stage times 01

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