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Pest Are Also Staring At You With Volcanic Eyes Through Faces Obscured By Death


Swedish old school black metal duo Pest are returning with a new album after a five year break. Their snarling style of black metal invokes the likes of Venom, early Bathory, and Hellhammer. The new album, titled The Crowning Horror, will be released on June 18th (July 9th in North America) on Agonia Records and is being mixed by Fred Etsby (ex-Dismember/Carnage/Necronaut). A couple days ago, CVLT Nation premiered a song from the upcoming release. The new song, called “Devil’s Mark”, is the third song to be released in advance of the album.

And to be honest, I really can’t say I like it. It has zero intensity and a poor understanding of dynamics. The drum beat is extremely simple, giving the whole song the feeling like it is a couple of 16 year old kids jamming in their basement over a drum loop pattern that came with the effects processor they bought. There is almost no variation in the pattern throughout the entire song. The guitar and bass parts are mildly interesting, and the overall groove is kind of catchy when one is listening to it, but as soon as it is over, it fails to stay any longer.

However, there are two other songs that have been made available for listening, and both of them fare much better. The first one that was released is titled “Volcanic Eyes” and is available for listening on SoundCloud. It has a much more rocking feel to it. The drums maintain an interesting feel, and the song even has a few variations in mood. The vocals are raspy, much akin to early extreme metal, and sound perfectly in place.

The second song that was released is available over at Decibel, and it is probably my favourite of the three songs. It is called “A Face Obscured By Death”, and it is really good. The vocals are covered with ash and sit atop a heavy merciless riff. The band throws in a couple of tense melodies as well. And as for the drumming, this is where it really shines. It isn’t overly complicated, preferring to accentuate the music rather than drive it, but it shows variety and there are a few moments that they really stand out.

Overall, I am finding myself looking forward to the rest of the album, which will hopefully be a bit more like “A Face Obscured By Death” and less like “Devil’s Mark”.

What do you guys think? Is Orsaeth being a little harsh? Are you excited for Pest’s new album? Sound off in the comments!

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