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Grind legends Pig Destroyer release two-track EP for Pat Egan’s daughter’s college fund

Pig Destroyer

We previously discussed the unfortunate passing of Pat Egan of Relapse Records on February 18th of this year, showcasing a sampler Relapse put together to raise money for Pat’s wife and daughter – ‘Patlapse’.

Now veteran grindcore band Pig Destroyer are getting in on the act and doing their part to help out, releasing some never before heard material as the Mass & Volume EP over at the Patlapse Bandcamp site, with all proceeds going to the college fund of Pat’s daughter Katie.

Mass & Volume was recorded in December of 2006 – amidst some spare time available during Phantom Limb sessions – and contains two tracks, “Mass & Volume” and “Red Tar.” Said the band of that time:

[quote-symbol symbol1]In the following years, with Natasha being released on its own and Brian [Harvey, drums] no longer being in the band, our intentions of releasing Mass & Volume basically evaporated. However, looking back now, Mass & Volume serves as a great epilogue to that particular era of the band.

I bought it this morning, and while I will tell you that it’s pretty great (and I’m not a huge Pig Destroyer fan), the quality of the EP is a bonus compared to the feeling of helping out someone in their time of grief and need.

An open invitation memorial event for Pat has been put together and will take place at Idle Hands bar in NYC tomorrow (Tuesday 5th March, 6pm – 9pm EST) to “pay tribute to a dear friend, colleague and family man”. Again, all proceeds from the event will go directly to his daughter Katie‘s college fund.

Head over to the Patlapse Bandcamp page to pick up Mass & Volume for a minimum donation of $10.  You’ll feel warm and fuzzy inside, I promise.

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