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Placenta Claim “I Ain’t No Horse” And That There’s Plenty Of “Coca At The Cockloft” – Jury Is Still Out


While surfing around the internet you do tend to wander into a wide variety of randomness, especially when you venture into the dark recesses of Youtube. This is the type of video you would expect to find there, and as it was slowly queuing up, especially considering the song title, I was really unsure what I was in for. I’m the type of guy who’ll try anything once though and it turns out I was in for a really, REALLY fun German groove metal/deathcore hybrid.

Placenta are an odd group of fellows, mixing pretty serious metal sporting strong syncopated grooves with a twisted and ridiculous sense of humour. I suppose that’s what you should expect when the band’s name is Placenta, but the video itself is still extremely entertaining and unpredictable in its random nature. This is my first exposure to the band, but after doing a bit of research it seems that this song “Coca At The Cockloft” is a choice cut from their fourth album, Replace Your Face, released back in 2011.

While there are some deathcore moments in this song, they’re ultimately blended rather well with other elements of the music and don’t detract from the overall experience. The clean vocals on this track, while minimal are a welcome surprise as they are actually very capably performed by singer Sven Berlin. All in all, a pretty good little find! I should take random excursions more often.

Here’s another equally ridiculous and fun track from the band called “I Ain’t No Horse” from the same album. This song has more of a deathcore genetic structure, but is honestly one of the better deathcore songs I’ve heard in a while. Aside from all more typical chugging there are some really meaty riffs here that any death metal band would be proud of. The barrage of skin smashing from drummer Tobias Stein is of particular note on this track, as well as a really strong melodious guitar section as the centrepiece for this track. Check it out.

Placenta’s fourth album Replace Your Face is out now on Noizgate Records. Their fifth album has been announced and is titled Miss Gunst Und Neid, but there is no release date other than “2013″ announced yet.

What do you guys think? Is this your idea of fun? Are Placenta too ridiculous? Do you prefer your metal to take itself seriously?

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