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Plini’s EP trilogy will close with The End Of Everything

Plini - The End Of Everything artwork

Australian multi-instrumentalist and producer Plini is fairly prolific. As well as a number of EPs over the years, Plini releases the odd song fairly often, and so he’s never far from our thoughts.

Nevertheless, this week’s announcement that his trilogy of EPs would receive its final entry this spring, it was worth noting.

This trilogy, which began with Other Things and continued with Sweet Nothings, will be rounded out by the appropriately named The End Of Everything, and will feature the talented Marco Minneman (Joe Satriani, Steven Wilson, The Aristocrats) on drums, Simon Grove (The Helix Nebula) on bass, and frequent collaborator Luke Martin on piano, as well as Plini himself.

There are also some guest musicians, includom Scale The Summit‘s Chris Letchford, DispersE‘s Jakub Zytecki and Australian Institute of Music teacher Gary Holgate – which should give you some idea of Plini’s reach and heft in the progressive music world. His compositions are often light and airy, with gorgeous tones and fantastic techniques, so it’s no wonder really.

The EP’s tracklisting will look something like this:

01. The End Of Everything
02. Wombat Astronaut (Beyond The Burrow)
03. Paper Moon

As with (I think) all of Plini’s work, the art has been handled by Alex Pryle at Dead Crown Design, and this lends a real consistency to his work, from a visual standpoint. There’s some beautiful use of colour across the trilogy, and you can tell they go together just by looking at them.

The End Of Everything will be released 11th March 2015, and will be available via Bandcamp, so I may as well embed the album for anyone reading this after the release date. All his other releases are also available there.

Plini is also offering a limited edition signed box set containing all 3 releases, plus extensive liner notes & a fold-out poster, for a bargain $25. Make sure to get on that.

Finally, Plini and friends will be making the long journey to the other side of the world to perform at UK Tech Fest 2015. We imagine they’ll be making the most of the trip, so maybe expect some other dates to be announced nearer the time.