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Watch some arts and crafts with Plini’s new playthrough video

Plini 2015

Young Australian guitar virtuoso Plini has been making quite a name of himself in prog circles over the last couple of years, and just last month completed his ‘Things’ trilogy with the release of final piece The End Of Everything. We all thought it was rather splendid – both in review, and as part of our Best Of March feature - and we’re pleased to be able to continue to write about this fantastic musician, as he’s just released what we believe is his first ‘live’ video: a playthrough of the EP’s title track – which also follows the creation process of his lovely Strandberg guitar’s strap. Commenting on the self-prouced video, Plini said:


I recently visited my good friend Sean at SHHORN and traded a boxset of my collected works for a bespoke leather strap. In celebration of the art of making, I filmed the process, along with some additional footage to celebrate two other beautiful items: my Strandberg Guitarworks Boden 6, and a pick handcrafted by Red Bear Trading Co.


And here it is:

It’s a lovely piece – well shot and edited – and with these types of musicians, it’s always nice to see the tricks of their trade, as it were; how their rich and textured compositions are played. Pleasingly, this one follows both left and right hand, and is fascinating for those of us with fingers less nimble than a drunken two year-old’s.

Plini will be making his live debut on May 29th at Factory Floor in Sydney with Glass Ocean and The Helix Nebula. He’s also due to make the long trip around the world to play UK Tech Fest this summer, and we’d not be surprised if he takes the opportunity to play a few extra shows nearby to warm the old cockles.

As a side note, also worth checking out is the drum cover of “Away” from 2013′s Sweet Nothings EP by new live drummer Troy Wright. Excellent work.