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Despite presenting as two quite sonically different bands over the course of its existence, that the new project from two of British tech-metal/rock 5-piece Chronographs is of the utmost quality is really not surprising, as it was never a lack of quality that stalled their former endeavour.

Poisonous Birds is the brainchild of guitarist Tom Ridley, who with help from drummer Finn McLean has set about crafting incredibly cinematic, electronic-driven music around a rock framework. It’s actually quite hard to describe. What’s important is that

Today Poisonous Birds have announced their first record, an EP titled Gentle Earth; a magnificently apt title for a body of music that genuinely – and we really mean this – is very uncommon, both stylistically and in its execution.

By way of taster, the duo have released a new song called “Old Sun“, which you can hear right here:

It’s abundantly resonant track, playing synth arpeggios against Tom’s dreamy vocal delivery and a thrumming, insistent undercurrent that all builds into a deeply-satisfying crescendo.

Speaking on the release, Tom says:

“Finn & I have made precisely the record we set out to make. It has moments of delicacy, moments of crashing intensity and it’s totally real. We’re really proud of it.”

Earlier this year we got stupidly into the magnificence of Poisonous Birds’ first release, the track”Cloud Level” – which is definitely worth giving a spin too, as it’s a great introduction to the band’s unique sound, and hell, it’s what got us excited in the first place:

Poisonous Birds are really starting to pick up steam, playing a number of live dates in and around their native Bristol in recent months. I can imagine their live show being nothing less than mesmerising and deeply hypnotic, and we really hope the likes of ArcTanGent festival snap them up for the bigger audiences they deserve.