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Ah, another day, another free song in exchange for your email.

Today’s offer comes courtesy of the amazing British prog-rock outfit Porcupine Tree. In 2009 (ah, the pre-blog days, I was so young, so innocent) Porcupine Tree released the album The Incident, which like much of the Porcupine Tree material prior to it was wildly different to anything the band had done before. It was a concept album, mixed so that it ran together as one song, and after they released it they naturally did some touring. Also much like they did with their prior records, they took their dear sweet time in releasing a DVD containing any music from it, apparently.

It took yet a while for anything to come out featuring a live show with any Anesthetize (which is an excellent entry point, alongside Deadwing and In Absentia if you’re looking for some prog) material on it. In order to beat their own record the band are now releasing Octane Twisted, which is a new live DVD/CD combo containing material from The Incident as well.

The band have created a page where you can exchange your email for a download, or if you’re scared by that sort of technology, just stream that album’s closing ballad “I Drive The Hearse” – which is a depressing as hell song in the vein of “Collapse The Light Into Earth” from In Absentia. It’s a softer song than much of the dirge that went on for most of The Incident, so if you’re on the look for some light piano work and sadness, venture yonder.