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Watch any film from the early to mid-20th Century, and you’ll likely see the words ”IN TECHNICOLOUR” blazoned across the title card. It was a big thing in moviemaking, and for thirty years it was the most widely-used color process in Hollywood. Disney were the main early adopter of the process, which is likely where you will have first seen it as a kid – but I think I can safely say that the Big Mouse won’t be adopting the work of today’s namesake artist any time soon.

InTechnicolour, who hail from Brighton, are a riffy, groovy, stoner-rock band with a knack for creating a colourful song or two – and aren’t you in luck, because their new single “Doomer” drops in a couple of weeks, and we’re super pleased to be able to bring you this live version of the track:

The single will be released on December 15th through Small Pond Recordings, along with two remixes: one by bassist Adam Hutchison of labelmates The Physics House Band, and another from Pershore’s Kristian Shelley, better known as Inwards.

InTechnicolour’s vocalist Tobie Anderson says of the track:

“It’s sort of a cryptic journey into getting older…waking up one day and realising you’re no longer 19, and that the world is getting scarier as you age. It’s about having a partner you can trust in, to help munch through whatever else life serves you next.”

Highly relateable stuff, but it’s a proper banging track too; the obvious touchstones like Lullabies To Paralyze-era Queens Of The Stone Age or Kyuss seem lazy, but they’re not unwarranted. Perhaps more contemporary would be someone like King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard, whose energy is mirrored by InTechnicolour’s in no uncertain terms.

You can be certain we’ll be keeping a weather ear open for their debut album, which is hopefully dropping next year sometime.