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LLNN Wovoka 2017

A pair of bands we’ve been aware of peripherally for a couple of years now – LLNN since their Pelagic debut, Loss, almost exactly a year ago – and Wovoka since their cracking 2015 full-length Saros – European label Pelagic Records are due to release a tantalising split from the two this Friday.

If either or neither have not crossed your plate yet, you are in for a treat. Marks/Traces sees the two combine their distinctive, yet complementary brands of apocalyptic, desolate, and often cinematic music.

The Danish quartet, pictured in the top picture above, take the lion’s (or that be the LLNN’s?) share of the tracklist. Songs 1 through 6 see the band explore a bleak, heavily textured meld of sludgy riffs, pulsing, insistent rhythm, and Christian Bonnesen’s tortured yellng over the course of about 20 minutes; just long enough to get yourself pretty damn immersed in their eerie, even synth-dappled world, but certainly not long enough to scratch an itch that will likely lead you backwards towards the excellent Loss.

LLNN and Wovoka - Traces Marks art

01. LLNN – The Guardian
02. LLNN – Swarms
03. LLNN – Engineer of Ire
04. LLNN – Nostromo Falls
05. LLNN – Eye of the Covenant
06. LLNN – Gravitated
07. WOVOKA – Traces

Wovoka’s offering is limited to a single track, but my gods is it a hefty chunk. Hailing from the other side of the Atlantic – Los Angeles to be exact – they channel all the best qualities of the likes of Neurosis, Old Man Gloom and even Brother/Ghost towards the song’s final quarter. It’s one that takes its time to build, leading you up to and through a veritable quagmire of noise; absolutely thunderous rackets built around implacable, driving rhythm.

We’re waxing so lyrically about this release because we’re super stoked to be able to bring you the UK premiere of the entire record, streaming ahead of its release in a few days’ time. A full thirty-eight minutes of some of 2017′s finest sludge and post-metal, we implore you to give it a listen – you won’t regret it.

You can pre-order Marks/Traces directly from Pelagic Records here (CD Digipak) or here (vinyl LP + digital download).