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LO! 2017 promo

If The Monolith’s staff were to be accused of any of the seven deadly sins, gluttony would be the first. A penchant for pies and a serious cake addiction aside, what I mean by that is that we’re blessed to be able to consume so much new music on a regular basis, delivered to us by proverbial penguin-suited PRs so we’ve barely the need to waggle our chubby fingers across the keyboards in front of us to find the best stuff out there. It’s a comfortable life, and we’re never far from needing a trip to the proverbial musical vomitorium.

So when we were punched full-bore in the stomach by today’s subject, you’ll understand that all sorts of nastiness came back up; really, just quite a mess. Australians Lo! - who delivered this particular gut-thump – are preparing for the release of their third album Vestigial in just over a month’s time, and after spluttering around pitifully on the floor for a few minutes, we were happy to agree to present this particular track for you today. Kids, meet “Glutton“:


Honestly, we can’t claim to have been completely blindsided by Lo!; our 2013 review of their second album Monstrorum Historia commented on its refreshing mix of sludgy groove and hardcore energy, and it was a significant step forward from their debut. Well, this is a step further – and there’s a reason for that, comments guitarist Carl Whitbread on the record, and the return to Australia of drummer Adrian Griffin from a 7-year stint in Asia:

“This time we had much more time to all be together as a band and really work on the songs properly instead of the last minute rush that usually happens. I think we all felt more connected now having Adrian back in the country.”

This particular cut, which sits in third place on Vestigial, sets off at a dead sprint with a rolling wave of heavy, sludge-ridden riffs and the bruising bellows of Sam Dillon. It’s all lip-curlingly satisfying, recalling the fury of Gaza and the might of countrymen The Matador, whilst an astute mid-point reprieve adds a mountain of texture to the track, with Adrian Shapiro’s prominent bass a welcome feature.

It’s a great re-introduction – or indeed, introduction – to Lo!, and a biting opening salvo from the new record. If it sounds right up your dark, spider/crocodile/shark-infested alleyway, then you will be keen to know that Vestigial will be released October 6th via Pelagic Records, and that you can pre-order it on gatefold vinyl here or digipak CD here.

You might also be interested to know that the band might just be heading over to Europe sometime very soon. Might. Wink