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Shipwrecks 2017

I don’t think it’s unfair to say that in post-rock, a genre with a good quarter of a century under its belt, there’s not a massive amount of new territory to explore, and new releases boil down to either having ‘it’, or not having it. Experience is not a guarantee either; this year’s offerings from Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Balmorhea were fine, but not groundbreaking, proving that preference is a massive factor, and universal appeal is super rare.

With that in mind, perhaps fresh outlooks are the way to go. Almost brand new, German four-piece Shipwrecks have but one EP under their belts – a 2015 self-titled effort – and this week release their debut album…which is also self-titled. Talk about German efficiency.

Ain’t no sunken ship, rotting wood or barnacles here, though. It’s a release to make you sit up and take notice; five tracks of assured, emotive instrumental expression that sound just gorgeous. It’s all the more impressive when you consider that the album’s creation was all handled in-house; recorded over several months at various locations in both Germany and the Netherlands by guitarist Bastian Lindenau, on some clearly well-chosen vintage equipment, and mastered by Cult Of Luna‘s Magnus Lindberg.

To their credit, throughout the record Shipwrecks nail those all-important pay-offs that many bands seem to neglect; the build-up/release trope in post-rock may seem obvious, but it is absolutely necessary within the style – at least most of the time – and tracks like “Haven” are prime examples of how to do it right.

So we’re a bit taken with the record, which is why we’re glad to be able to bring you this full stream of it. Go wild, kids:

Shipwrecks releases tomorrow, Friday 10th November via Sportklub Rotter Damm, and you can pick it up from your choice of outlet, physically or digitally, by clicking here. The band are on tour across Germany to support the release, starting tonight at Club Privat in Köln and ending in Bonn on November 26th. Full run below:

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