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You Win Again Gravity 2017

It wasn’t even a year ago that we last checked in with technical post-hardcore quintet You Win Again Gravity. At the time they were just about to drop their fourth EP since forming in 2012 – and are now upping the stakes slightly by releasing a new mini-album less than a year since their last record.

It’s somewhat unfortunate – or perhaps tongue-in-cheek – that this new release is called Anonymity, as the band are reet good, but haven’t the following they deserve – yet. People are taking notice, and with good reason. Take the record’s lead single “Grace & Focus“, which was given first airplay on Alex Baker’s Kerrang Radio Fresh Blood Show: a deft mix of with Finch-y, Thrice-y rock with a technical edge, all coupled with some really satisfying bursts of aggression to offset against the more melodic fare.

As such, we’re really stoked to be premiering the full stream of Anonymity today: 8 tracks of engaging and energetic British rock for you to sink your teeth into before going out and getting shitfaced this weekend. Or to play for your gran and her mates in the retirement home, whatever. HAVE AT IT!

Regarding the release, drummer James Mackenzie said:

“We are very pleased to be able to finally share our newest material.

Anonymity is a collection of our best work to date and we feel that these tracks really showcase who we are as a band.

The album is an expansion of our previous EP and is driven by a central theme of examining some of the more negative aspects of the human persona. We’ve taken influence from all sorts of different places and styles, and we think that the progressive nature of our songs really helps to showcase our collective experience.

We hope you enjoy what we enjoy!”

There’s definitely a sense of having touchstones in their music, but not really sounding like anyone in particular – always a bonus. Give the album a whirl and see for yourself.

Anonymity is self-released on the 2nd October 2017 (that’s Monday, people). You can find details of how to pick it up via the band’s Facebook page, but it will be up in all the usual places: iTunes, Google Play Music and Amazon Music.



Since forming in 2012, technical post-hardcore quintet YOU WIN AGAIN GRAVITY have taken their unique blend of metal, math and melodic elements to audiences across the UK. In late 2016 the band released their debut EP and received attention across the board. For fans of Fall of Troy and Deftones, YOU WIN AGAIN GRAVITY return with mini album ‘Anonymity’.

This new release is a continued evolution of the bands sound, which is a combination of accessible post hardcore, with progressive and technical elements. All eight tracks have real depth to them; an engaging and energetic display of music with a stunning yet varied dynamic.

“We think we play a style of music that no one else does. As a band we have a wide array of influences and they all feature. Whether you like Deftones, Northlane or Circa Survive, we’re hoping this release is something that you can really get into.”

Their new single release ‘Grace & Focus’ was given its first exclusive radio airplay on Alex Baker’s Kerrang Radio Fresh Blood Show.