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August Burns Red premiere “Spirit Breaker” lyric video

August Burns Red Spirit Breaker video cap

Last time we got some new August Burns Red – with a similarly animated lyric video – last month some time (for “Fault Line“), I was optimistic for the band’s new record. It’s pretty by-the-numbers metalcore, but it had some interesting sections, and was pretty damn catchy.

The band have just released the following video for the track “Spirit Breaker” in anticipation of the release of Rescue & Restore later this month. Take a listen:

I’ve got to say, I wasn’t really impressed. Musically it’s fine, but if you’re going to do a lyric video, you’d do well to make them meaningful and a little more interesting than:

[quote-symbol symbol1]I’m holding on as a tight as I can // The monotony never seems to end // Every day feels the same // Every day I think about the place I’d rather be than here.

It’s not particularly stunning visually either; following what I presume is a dove as it flies through the streets and off into the wilderness (a pretty hammy metaphor for escapism really).

Then again, I suspect I’m not really the target market for this kind of metalcore; I’m farely well settled and have the ability to change my circumstances if I wish. Not everyone has that luxury, so more power to you if you find something of worth from this tune – I’d just rather wet my lips with something like the new letlive. song, which feels a lot more visceral and full of the feels.

Call that one hit and one miss for Rescue & Restore so far. The album drops on July (not August? Missed a trick there) 25th through Solid State Records.

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