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Let’s Get Primitive With Primitive Man

Primitive Man

Just yesterday we exposed you to a rather difficult to watch video in the form of crazy avant garde French band Pryapisme. Today, we deliver you another, but this time from a rather different source. Primitive Man are a horrifying and suffocating mix of blackened sludge and doom metal that will appeal to fans of The Body, Thou and Khanate. Hailing from Denver, Colorado and forming from the collaboration of members from grindcore maniacs Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire and Reproacher comes a totally different barrage of caustic aggression and extreme catharsis. Primitive Man have just released their debut album, entitled Scorn, via the always awesome Throatruiner Records in a collaboration with Mordgrimm Records. Primitive Man certainly fits in well with the rest of their roster – as their music is fierce, fuzzy and clatteringly abrasive. The whole album is available for streaming via the Youtube clip below and is a strongly recommended listen if catastrophically oppressive sludge and doom metal hybrids are your thing.

The band released a video for the song “Rage” last month, which is a rather large head-fuck (actual scientific term) in itself. It’s certainly not recommended viewing for people who are easily disturbed or suffer from epilepsy, as its horrific flashing images can turn your brain to mush after a wall. “Rage” is a rather fitting title for a track that sounds like a terrifying monster trying to thrash its way out of the subconscious door you keep it trapped behind. Primitive Man definitely live up to their name. The song comes in waves with bludgeoning guitars and corrosive, hoarse vocals desperately clamouring for your attention. Much like the album, the song strives to return you to a more primitive state, and in many ways it certainly succeeds at conveying that.  Check it out.

Scorn is now available on 180 gram black vinyl – an essential purchase for the avid music collectors amongst us.

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