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Protest The Hero

Yet again, the start to the new year is bringing us more good news about albums to look forward to. Entering the fray with a new album announcement is Canadian progressive metal act Protest The Hero. Unfortunately, there’s no album title or released date to be found here, but there is a video update from the band themselves to fill you in on their game plan moving forward from their previous 2011 full length album, Scurrilous.

The big announcement coming from this video is that Protest The Hero will be doing their new album DIY (do it yourself) style. In other words, they’re relying on the generosity of their fanbase to completely fund their new album, in a similar move to that made by Mindless Self Indulgence last year.

For those unacquainted with previous work from these crazy prog-metallers, I’ve included a song from each album of their discography below to state the case for any donation you may wish to give.

PtH haven’t announced any touring plans so far this year, but they are due to play a one-off show in Toronto later this month – details here.

Heretics and Killers” from Kezia (2005)

Bone Marrow” from Fortress (2008)

C’est La Vie” from Scurrilous (2011)

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