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The Tate-less version of Queensrӱche are streaming their brand new self-titled album


US Progressive metal legends Queensryche, the band credited with being one of the pioneers of progressive metal, are back for another album…sort of. They are renowned for having put out more than a few classic albums, including Operation: Mindcrime and Empire.

More recently, however, they had a split, with iconic frontman Geoff Tate leaving the band and forming his own Queensryche – so now there are two versions of Queensryche wandering about: one fronted by Geoff Tate (henceforth to be called Tate-ryche) and the original (to be referred to as the real Queensryche, who are styling themselves Queensrӱche as Tate seems to have taken control of certain online properties under the original name). Former Crimson Glory singer Todd LaTorre was chosen to replace Tate in Queensrӱche, and now the band are ready to release their newest, self titled effort on Century Media Records.

Since the Tate-ryche album was generally considered to be pretty terrible, there was understandably a bit of apprehension about this version’s release, but now all those doubts can be assuaged, as the band is kind enough to be hosting it for streaming on their website – and this prog head can confirm that it is indeed a good solid album.

Recently, their albums have been not so good, and this indicated that Tate was the cancer that caused the output of less-than-stellar material. Queensrӱche isn’t quite up to the standards of the classic Operation: Mindcrime, but it is far superior to anything they’ve done in the last decade or so. It has some solid progressive melodic riffs, and LaTorre acquits himself beautifully. Clearly, the band does not need Geoff Tate’s once-glorious pipes at all, and LaTorre is no stranger to replacing legendary talent, having replaced the godly Midnight (RIP) in Crimson Glory and doing a damn good job of that.

Queensrӱche will be out on Century Media on June 25th Listen to the stream here!

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