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Cambion 2015

With the release of their new video for single “Heterodox” from their Virus EP, Devonshire metal outfit Cambion were kind enough to fire off a few answers to questions both serious and silly, and talk cannibalism, dissidence and Mad Max!

First off, people may or may not know what a Cambion is. Could you explain for them?

When a demon like a succubus or an incubus has its way with a human, the offspring is referred to as a cambion.

Heterodox” refers to a kind of religious dissidence. What’s the most dissident thing you’ve ever done?

Eating bacon is the most dissident thing I’ve done, given the general opinion at the moment. Considering that life significantly heightens the chance of cancer and bacon tastes like bacon, I’m going to stick to my evil ways.

With the song title, your name and the titles of some of your past releases (“Perdition” from City Of Ember, the Last Rites EP and the track “Salem“), there’s a sort of religious slant to your output. Would you say religion is something that’s important to you (one way or another) or is it more a stylistic thing?

Religion is something that’s very personal and individual to every being on the planet. It’s a vital part of humanity.

However, more often than not, it is corrupted by men of power, biased, and hypocritical. For those reasons it’s a subject that can be both enlightening and condemning. The songs reflect this in our own way but it’s also about a learning curve.

We were very young when the band started and as we got older we learned more and that is reflected in our most recent material. All of our songs have an underlying slant lyrically expressing some views on religion, but as much as metal music may produce negative views, that’s not too say there aren’t equally as many positives.

If you could play in any fictional location, where would it be?

Leading that convoy on that huge gig truck seen in the new Mad Max flick.

Mad Max Fury Road guitarist
You are stranded on a desert island. Which band member do you eat first?

Marc (guitar) would be first, although he knows more than any of us about survival techniques. He’s also got no ink; nothing but velvety smooth pinky flesh skin, which is much tastier…from what I’ve heard.

Who/what are you listening to at the moment?

Monuments, No Consequence and Scarred at the moment.

Cambion star in a horror movie. Who survives?

Frank (drums/backing vocals) survives because he is the killer!!

The EP’s called Virus. What’s the most ill you’ve ever been?

Luckily I’ve not had any major illness, but I did drop a pair of shears into my bare foot which could have easily got infected if that counts….

Virus originally came out a few years ago, and the extended reissue earlier this year. What have Cambion got on the horizon for 2016?

2016 holds the release of our debut album, plenty of shows up and down this country and a few tours in Europe, so there’s no excuse for not coming to see us and witness the power of our music live!

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