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Quigs reels off his five bands to watch at Tech Fest 2014

UK Tech Fest 2014 Five Bands To Watch

Rounding off the Monolithians heading to Tech Fest is Quigs, with his five don’t-miss picks for Tech Fest 2014!

The Algorithm

The Algorithm 2014

Playing: Saturday – 5:45pm, Second Stage

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Well, whatever it is it’s getting its bleeping bloops all over the place. Rémi Gallego’s electronic breakdowns were one of the highlights of last year’s Tech Fest, and now he is returning triumphantly with a new album, filled with even better material to showcase. Octopus4 is likely to bring the house down, causing many attendees to start shaking uncontrollable like they’ve got ants in their pants. It’s going to be bleeping epic!

The Algorithm on Facebook

Destiny Potato

Destiny Potato 2014

Playing: Sunday – 3:30pm, Main Stage

Destiny Potato are another band that are returning for their second year at Tech-Fest, however I missed them last year due to Monolithic duties – and after the release of the triumphant Lun, this would be a travesty to allow to happen again.

This Serbian oddity basically sound like an improved Evanescence fed through a djent/tech processor. They have the catchy anthemic choruses, memorable song structures, and they’re not afraid to scatter little weird curveballs here and there. Make it your destiny to see this potato!

Destiny Potato on Facebook


Destrage 2014

Playing: Sunday – 3:00pm, Second Stage

Are these Italian madmen eccentric geniuses or just eccentric? Time will tell on that one, but for now Destrage‘s music is overflowing with frenetic energy, frequent technical shifts, and a raging pulse. It’s fitting that these guys make it to Tech Fest in the year that Emperors of Tech SikTh decide to make their (inevitably) triumphant return to the scene.

If Destrage’s live performance contain even a fraction of the insanity included on their latest release, Tech Festers will be in for a treat.

Destrage on Facebook


Gorod 2014

Playing: Friday – 6:30pm, Main Stage

These French technical death metal wizards are the odd ones out at Tech Fest this year, but that’s likely to make them even more memorable. Easily the heaviest band on the line-up, Gorod may just win over a swathe of new fans – that’s if any of them survive what is sure to be an explosive set.

While their brand of extreme technicality may alienate some of the audience, those who are open to it will have their faces melted by their fancy fretboard antics.

Gorod on Facebook

The Ocean

The Ocean 2014

Playing: Sunday – 8:00pm, Main Stage

I’ve seen The Ocean live many times, across multiple countries, and they never fail to bring it hard live, even if they are playing in tiny venues with shitty sound. Weirdly, each time I see them they seem to be getting better and better, which is why I’m particularly excited to see them at Tech Fest.

This will be the first time I’ll get to see them live since they played their final tour with drummer Luc and second guitarist Jonah. Luc in particular was an integral part of The Ocean’s energetic performance, so it’ll be interesting to see how his replacement – War From A Harlot’s Mouth‘s Paul Seidel - can fill his massive shoes.

The Ocean on Facebook

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