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New music from Coheed and Cambria, TesseracT, The Dear Hunter and more!

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Rather than flap around every week as exciting new songs and videos are released, we’ve decided to compile them all in one place. Here are the best new tracks from this week!

Coheed and Cambria – “Here To Mars”

Coheed’s new album The Color Before the Sun is probably going to be quite divisive. Long known for their sci-fi prog epics, all of their records to date have followed the story of the Amory Wars and followed the band’s namesake characters – but the new album will not. No Heaven’s Fence, no Writer, and no Crowing. After seven LPs, that’s bold.

Nevertheless, we’ve already heard a slice with the catchy “You’ve Got Spirit, Kid“, and the band have now unveiled preview two: “Here To Mars“. It may sound like a potentially science-fictiony track, but it’s not – instead we’re getting something a lot more direct, a lot less bloated under its own weight, and ultimately the music is sounding great for it.

The Color Before The Sun is out October 16th via 300 Entertainment.

TesseracT – “Survival”

TesseracT‘s third album Polaris is close, and so it’s no surprise to find them debuting a new track from it a couple weeks before release.

It’s called “Survival“, and as vocalist Dan Tompkins elaborates, the song and accompanying video’s concept ties in with a fairly personal issue for all of the band members:

“As musicians we’ve never had ‘overnight’ success; we’ve all worked tirelessly for well over a decade and committed to many personal sacrifices to exist as a band. “Survival” is a hard hitting song about the struggles we’ve encountered along the way but specifically and especially about the strain and burden of being apart from our loved ones to whom we are forever beholden for their steadfast and loving support. The idea behind our video represents that struggle for Survival and the burning desire to be reunited with our families after long periods of absence.”

The video is pretty ambitious. Directed by Pele Newell, it follows a young man both on the run from an unseen authority, and searching for his family.

Polaris is out September 18ths via Kscope.

The Dear Hunter – “The Squeaky Wheel

Just before their new album dropped, Rhode Island progressive rock band The Dear Hunter teased fans earlier this week with a new song called “The Squeaky Wheel“, which is less annoying automotive complaint and more triumphant, upbeat vehicle of joy.

The Dear Hunter’s new album continues their stellar career so far, and over 75 minutes runs a gamut of emotion, with poetry, existential angst and boundless radio funk all rubbing shoulders – but it just doesn’t get tiring. There’s so much to discover on each listen that it is, if nothing else, fantastic value for money. But it’s also just phenomenal.

Act IV: Rebirth In Reprise is out today, September 4th, via Equal Vision Records. Read our glowing review right here!

Battles – “FF Bada

If there’s one thing I can’t get enough of this year, it’s ridiculously upbeat, math-influenced instrumental music. And So I Watched You From Afar hit the mark strongly with Heirs, as did Polymath‘s Reptiles EP, but whilst I wait desperately for Three Trapped Tigers‘ new record, we have a new album from Battles just around the corner, and this week they dropped a new track from it called “FF Bada“.

Who or what an FF Bada is, we have no idea, but the tune itself is definitely an interesting one. Built off a catchy palm-muted guitar line, the song builds and wanes, introducing and removing at least a dozen instruments all over the place. It sounds like it was incredibly fun to put together, and keeps a healthy pace throughout.

Said album, La Di Da Di, is due out September 18th.

Kowloon Walled City – “Backlit

California’s renowned for being a particularly sunny placed, but it hasn’t stopped San Franciscans Kowloon Walled City from writing some incredibly sludgy, down-beat music. Their forthcoming record Grievances (popular name this year) already sounds pretty huge, but in an echoey, wastelandish kind of way.

They’ve debuted track three, “Backlit“, and it sounds pretty fantastic. The vibe coming off it is one of vibrant dischord, and every facet is pristine and audible. Speaking about it, vocalist Scott Evans – also mixer on the album – has said:

“This song pretty much sums up the record. It was the first song we started working on, and one of the last ones we finished. Coincidentally, it’s about impostor syndrome — no matter how hard you work at something, it’s not good enough.”

Grievances will be released October 9th through Neurot Recordings.

Cold Night For Alligators – “Followers

We’d not heard from Danes Cold Night For Alligators since Tech Fest 2013, so seeing their name bandied around again is certainly welcome – especially with new material, as well as new vocalist Johan Pedersen. Man’s got some pipes. Speaking regarding new track “Followers“, guitarist Kristoffer Jessen says:

“Johan has a really diverse vocals and this track has some different parts to substantiate this. You will be presented for some brutal parts and also some epic parts where Johan’s beautiful, clean vocal really creates a great vibe.”

The video’s pretty grim at times, but it’s worth a watch.

There’s not much info on their debut album as yet, but it sounds promising so far. Watch this space.