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New songs from Intronaut and Deafheaven!

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Collecting all the best new songs and videos from around the web for the week commencing September 14th! Updated as the week goes by.

Press To Meco – “Means To An End

We’ve repeatedly iterated that if Croydon rock trio Press To Meco don’t get huge, something really is wrong with the music industry at large. Infinitely likeable, immeasurably talented both on stage and in the studio, and with the kind of broad appeal that has allowed bands like Biffy Clyro to make the step from the underground to the mainstream, they this week announced their debut album Good Intent, and have offered up a video for single “Means To An End” to whet appetites.

In typical PtM style, it’s full of punchy riffs, fantastic harmonies, and way more edge than you might expect from three guys with such lovely voices. One of the song’s main lyrics asks “why would you die for something you don’t believe?”, but we definitely believe in them.

Good Intent comes out October 16th via Best Before Records, and there’s a Pledgemusic campaign through which you can pre-order all kinds of goodies here. Happily, in a show of generosity, 5% of the goal and 10% of any money raised after that will go to Teenage Cancer Trust.

Intronaut – “Fast Worms

Post-metal four-piece Intronaut will release their fifth album The Direction of Last Things in a little under two months’ time. They’ve been going long enough now, and earned enough plaudits, for you to know how good they are – but did you know they’re record-an-album’s-worth-of-songs-in-four-days good? As guitarist Sacha Dunable explains:

“We decided that we don’t need to spend three weeks in a studio obsessing over every minute nuance. The reality is that in that past, we’ve taken that approach, but then we go on tour and play all those songs tightly. So why not just write the songs, rehearse the hell out of them, and then just go play them in an awesome recording studio? Intronaut is an actual band who rehearses together regularly. We make up one collective musical brain. There’s no reason why we couldn’t just have someone set up some mics, hit record, and capture that. We ended up making our best sounding record in a third of the time.”

Punchy. This immediacy has certainly translated into our first taste, and the album’s first track “Fast Worms“. Why, even the title has a little impatience about it. However, the truncated recording process hasn’t dulled the incredible compositional skills synonymous with the Californians; it’s seven minutes of absolute awesome. What’s more, they sunk the recording budget they’d saved into hiring Devin Townsend to mix the record, and the Canadian wizard’s deft touch really shows. We really can’t wait for this one.

The Direction of Last Things is out November 13th via Century Media.

Deafheaven – “Come Back

Californians Deafheaven broke serious ground in 2013 with Sunbather, a summer-tinged black metal/shoegaze hybrid that rightly saw inclusion on many of the industry’s year-end best-of lists.

Next month will see the band seek to capitalised with their third album New Bermuda. They dropped a track called ”Brought To the Water” by way of introduction last month, but have now granted a second in the form of “Come Back“.

This nine minute epic is a the second of five tracks on the release, and its more wintery blackened shoegaze couldn’t come at a better time: the nights are drawing in, there is a nip in the air, and it’s time to get grim!

New Bermuda is due out October 2nd via Epitaph’s sister label ANTI-.

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