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Rammstein are definitely masters of the unnerving music video to say the least. They’ve made the art form all their own, even if the latest one just consists of something looking like a cross between The Crow and The Cell just walking around the band’s logo.

Rammstein have a greatest hits release coming out, and to celebrate they’ve taken on one of their more popular songs – “Mein Herz Brennt“, which means ‘my heart burns’ - and re-done it not once but twice. One turns it into a piano ballad and the other – well, the other is interesting to say the least.

They’ve recorded music videos for both, and over the weekend we were treated to the video of the piano version, which I’ve helpfully described above – further proving I have no fucking clue how to write an article in any form of syntax or sentence structure. It’s a surprisingly compelling video, despite the fact that he is just walking around a room. There’s a sense of quiet desperation, theater, and delivery to the way he acts during the song. The song itself actually makes for a pretty good piano ballad too, which adds to the overall effect.

I’ve probably run this video multiple times in the background just so I could listen to the song again. It’s a fresh take on a familiar track and the guys pulled it off pretty well. The band premiered the video on Vimeo over the weekend and it may just be me, but that site loads at and ungodly slow rate on my end so I’ve waited for a suitable YouTube version to pop up that you can check out below.

Rammstein have various shows booked for every month between April (European tour) and August (Wacken) next year, so plenty of chance to see one of the most impressive live metal shows around!