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I am part of the contingent that loves all things random. We laugh at non-sequiturs, craft pointless juxtapositions, and listen to disjointed music. There is a strange pleasure to be found in odd assortments of seemingly disparate characters that collide to make a unique whole.

This is one of the (many) reasons I love Bandcamp. A single search for a genre – or even a location – yields a tour through random bands and random albums that somehow manages to come together into an entertaining journey. Bandcamp is a digital version of the neighbourhood record shop of old. You root though piles upon piles of mediocrity and general crap to find a few gems. It’s panning for gold, without the back pain. This may be the hipster in me talking, but randomness of this sort rewards the listener with a sense of discovery sorely lacking in the more familiar modern forms of music consumption.

Speaking of randomness and discovery, I came across a tidy little EP, Great Deeds, by UK punks Disastrochimp. The band plays an interesting blend of punk rock, post-hardcore, and math-rock. Like most bands that can be lumped in the immensely varied bin that is mathcore, Disastrochimp jump from style to style in dizzying fashion. Hardcore riffs stutter into jazzy melodic passages and clean vocals give way to punk shouts. Disastrochimp fit these elements together seamlessly, blending laid-back rock with hardcore punk, while tossing in some high-brow jazz touches to keep it interesting. Random it assuredly is, but incoherent it is not.

Great Deeds is available on Bandcamp for the low, low price of ₤2. That’s only 3.2254 American dollars!

Disastrochimp by Great Deeds

Do you think Bandcamp is the revolution that some people claim it is? What do you think of Disastrochimp? Have you discovered any other randomly great releases when scanning through Bandcamp? Share all of that and more, below!