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Greetings from the bowels of the internet, where dirty bands make ugly music upon which you may feast your grimy earholes. Today’s bands all hail from France and come to us courtesy of Throatruiner Records, a filthy-as-fuck record label based in the aforementioned European nation. I present to you three records so beautifully raw and abrasive that I skinned my knee just listening to them.

First up in today’s cavalcade of cacophony is Direwolves. Me From Myself, to Banish is the band’s debut EP, an unhealthy first dose of their brand of blended crust, screamo, and hardcore. Contained therein are six sorrowful punk songs, fueled by anguished vocals and melancholic melodies, all delivered with the painful emotional immediacy that is crucial to this style of hardcore. Direwolves merge the righteous outrage of modern hardcore with the angsty passion of 90s post-hardcore and screamo, crafting a sound about halfway between mosh-fodder and tearjerker.

Download Me From Myself, to Banish (name your price) from their Bandcamp.

Next up is Cowards with Shooting Blanks & Pills, a fist-fight inducing full-length, comprising  six tracks of virulent, sludge-drenched hardcore. Like most of Throatruiner’s roster, these pissed off Parisians play angry music for angry people. Their veritable cauldron of rage bubbles over, spilling esophagus-shredding vocals and pounding chugs over the mournful churning of bass and drums. Cowards seize your attention and shake it like an alcoholic babysitter: Shooting Blanks & Pills is seriously catchy and well-paced, wallowing in the sludge but avoiding the quagmire.


Download  Shooting Blanks & Pills (for free) from their Bandcamp.


Last up is Love Sex Machine. Their self-titled release is a weighty slab of thick-as-molasses sludge, replete with the tortured sounds of raspy vocals and the merciless bludgeoning of ponderous chords. Love Sex Machine is an ode to near-excessive heaviness, each track filled to bursting with low-end and animosity. Pulverising riffs collide with relentless drums like storm-wrought waves crashing against implacable cliffs. This record seems to be intended to cause blunt force trauma. Did I mention that it’s heavy?

Download Love Sex Machine (EUR 3) from their Bandcamp.

Check out all the music Throatruiner Records has to offer over at their site . They’ve got a lot of great stuff and it’s all free or cheap. How can you not love a record label that uses Bandcamp?