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New Songs & Videos From Queens Of The Stone Age, White Wizzard & ADE

I woke up today to find a bunch of new things had been released. Such is the way of Monday, I guess. Anyways, I had an influx of new music and music videos to get through, so I thought I’d do a quick roundup post for some of the things I happened across.



First up are Ade, who have released a lyric video for the song “Sanguine Pluit In Arena”, taken from the excellent album Spartacus, which I reviewed a few weeks ago. The new video is relatively standard fare for the medium of lyric videos, but that’s acceptable due to the fact that it’s for a pretty damn good tune. It is cool to be able to follow the lyrics in order to get a more in depth look at the band’s subject matter.

Check it out for yourselves!


White Wizzard

White Wizzard are a traditional heavy metal band whose first EP and debut full-length were initially pretty impressive. Unfortunately after that, an unstable lineup and a weak sophomore effort made me lose interest. White Wizzard have now released a song from their upcoming third album, The Devil’s Cut. The song, “Kings of the Highway” is pretty weak. It lacks everything and anything that made them interesting and worth listening to. It’s a shame when this happens to  bands, but considering they only have one founding member remaining, it’s no wonder that their music has become  a poor mockery of what came before.

Check it out for yourselves, perhaps it will be more to your taste.


Queens of the Stone Age

Ah, Queens of the Stone Age. Despite their acceptance into the mainstream cultural zeitgeist, the band still manage to release the music that they want to release with very little compromise. Often, the extremely capable musicians flex their artistic musical muscles in a variety of ways and its through these methods that in the past they have released a couple of top notch albums, including my favourite stoner rock record, Songs for the Deaf.

Most people will agree that the band have floundered a little since that monumental release, never quite being able to achieve something of a similar quality. Now, the band are back together, with the very same line-up that lent so much credence to Songs For The Deaf. This includes the legendary Dave Grohl on drums, taking a break from his own projects, his returning presence to the band should help bring a new found focus and energy for their new album, titled Like Clockwork,

I am more excited about new QOTSA material than I have been in quite some time. Yesterday, the band released a music video for one song from the upcoming album, called “I Appear Missing”. It is a dark, moody affair and the video has some really strange, but intriguing visuals. While it may be a slightly perplexing choice for a lead-off single, the off kilter and provocative mood of “I Appear Missing” prove that Like Clockwork is likely to be a memorable addition, not only to the discography of QOTSA, but to the anaals of stoner rock/metal.

Did ADE need a lyric video? Are White Wizzard all washed up? Are you excited for new Queens Of The Stone Age?

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