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Randy Blythe free to return to the U.S. after manslaughter trial verdict

Randy Blythe free

The verdict is in: Randy Blythe has been found not guilty.

[quote-symbol symbol1]I have been found not guilty & acquitted of all charges against me. I am a free man. This photo [below] was taken by my friend @aceyslade - it says it all. Please remember the family of Daniel Nosek in your thoughts & prayers in this difficult time. I only wish for them peace. Thank you for your support- Randy”

Randy Blythe free

This is obviously fantastic news for Randy, his family, bandmates, and fans worldwide. Blythe stated on his Instagram feed yesterday, taking in what could have been his final hours as a free man for a very long time, that he has felt “torn in half, stuck in between two worlds, neither here nor there, waiting and watching for an answer to come, so that I can move forward again as a whole man.” We hope that Randy can now do that, and continue on with a clean conscience he has always stressed he has in the matter.

The trial, originally held in the Czech Republic capital Prague last month, had to have its conclusion postponed until this week due to key witness illness and the unavailability of experts to give testimony. This resumed yesterday, although today was always slated to be the final day – and the metal world held its breath for the verdict, which was delivered at about 12pm GMT.

This delay surely would have been hell for Blythe, who had always promised to attend the trial after posting bail to allow him to return to the United States, and indeed showed up on both occasions.

Biomechanics expert George Straus is alleged to have given key testimony, allegedly stating that fan Daniel Nosek – around whose death this trial revolved – could not have landed the way he did if he was pushed; essentially, that he could only have twisted the 180 degrees he did mid-air if he jumped.

At the centre of this, Blythe has stressed in the past that Nosek’s family have shown him nothing but respect, and indeed, that way in which he has carried himself throughout these proceedings – from the original arrest up to the verdict today – has been nothing short of exemplary, and all parties should be commended for that.

What next for Lamb Of God then? Touring, we would expect, with tentative shows at Rock On The Range, Wacken, and other festivals having been pencilled in should the band’s desired outcome come to pass. Before that though, we’re sure Blythe and his loved ones will be breathing a big sigh of relief, and probably having a nice meal right about now.

Beyond that, Randy is of course now free to take up position as the new Pope, as we suggested in our cheeky feature in February. If only…

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