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Rock-dwellers might be unaware that Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe spent over a month in detention in the Czech Republic earlier this year over charges relating to the death of a fan at a show in Prague in 2010. For those, and those who may have forgotten, Blythe allegedly threw said fan – one Daniel Nosek, 19 at the time – off the stage, who later slipped into a coma and died as a result of head injuries. Subsequently, Mr. Blythe is in danger of being convicted of manslaughter, and could face five to ten years in jail there.

When Lamb Of God entered the country in June this year, Randy was surprised to be arrested, as he was not aware of the Czech courts’ charges against him – the U.S. having been uncooperative with their legal system, and then having neglected to tell him about said interaction. The joys of bureaucracy!

Following his ‘short’ incarceration, Blythe was released on a $400,000 bail and returned to the states, where he is currently on a headlining tour with In Flames, Hellyeah and Sylosis (tonight stopping in Grand Rapids, Michigan at The Orbit Room).

Czech prosecutors have now levelled an official indictment against Blythe, and the courts have three months to set a date. The man in question had said in an interview with Metal Hammer that he would absolutely go and face trial should he be called to – he is a world-touring musician after all, and besides it affecting his career, you can understand that he’d want to clear his name. In the same interview he said that he’d want closure for the family of the dead man, which is incredibly laudable. Clearly he is a man of high principle.

It’s certainly brave, as well as noble, as if convicted and incarcerated he’d be over fifty when he got out (with no time off for good behaviour), and with a family to think of, it’s certainly a risk – but clearly he believes in his innocence, and for the legal system of another country to pull through.

More details as and when we have them.