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Randy Blythe Lamb Of God

The coverage of the Randy Blythe trial has been pretty comprehensive so far – even though, as Randy himself stated on Tuesday, much of it is incorrect, having been lost in translation – but it appears it is over for the present moment.

Arrested last year on his arrival in Prague for a charge relating to the death of a fan – one Daniel Nosek - at one of his band Lamb Of God‘s 2010 shows, Blythe spent over a month in a Czech prison before posting bail and being allowed to return to the States. He promised to return for the trial, which began on Monday, and true to his word he did.

However, it seems due to the illness of a key witness, the remainder of the trial has been postponed until next month, and Blythe has once again been allowed to return to the U.S. No doubt he will return in order to clear his name of a of which crime he insists he is innocent.

It’s a very murky affair, compounded by the trial being held in a distant country in a language unfamiliar to most of his fans, and indeed the interested media at large. We can only rely on what sources there are in the courtroom, as well as Randy’s own account, and so it is up to all of us to not assume anything for good or ill is true until corroborated.

The family of the deceased are seeking compensation to the tune of 10 million Czech Koruna—about $530,000 USD – with Blythe also facing a possible 5-10 years of  jail time if found guilty, so the stakes are really very high.

With the understanding of metal culture still being widely misunderstood and misrepresented, it is vital to Blythe’s defense that his aggressive stage persona is clarified as just that – a point which it is believed the prosecution are focusing on as part of their case.

For its part, The Monolith hopes the correct verdict  is given, whatever that may be, and commends Randy for staying true to his word and fighting to prove his innocence.

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