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Red Kunz update ahead of tomorrow’s landmark live show with music previewed

Red Kunz

Four guys. Two bass guitars. Two drum kits.

Yesterday Simon wrote about Red Kunz, the ‘supergroup’ featuring Aaron Beam and John Sherman of Red Fang, and Luc Hess and Louis Jucker of Kunz (but perhaps better known as members/ex-members of Coilguns and The Ocean). It’s a pretty tasty project, not least of all because it’s essentially a week-long musical experiment featuring the rhythm sections of two of 2013′s mightiest metal bands.

They’re currently holed up in Switzerland and have been writing five tracks to perform live at le Romandie, a venue in Lausanne. There was an initial teaser earlier in the week, but there have been a couple more videos: a thirty-second second teaser…

…and then a good minute and a half of music.

It’s sound really good so far, isn’t it? I have something of a soft spot for bass/drum bands, ever since Death From Above 1979 blew my ever-loving mind with I’m A Woman, You’re A Machine many years back. Om, featuring the rhythm section of Sleep, also springs to mind in this small but well-formed category of projects, but whilst the remit of Red Kunz is a limited one as of now, we will hopefully be hearing the efforts in full, as the show is being recorded for posterity.

It’s actually quite nice that the project probably won’t be going any further than this week, as it’s probably completely freed up the creative process. No records to sell. No tours to book. No endgame beyond creativity and exploration, and the experience and lessons learned will in turn go into the four members’ future endeavours. Can’t wait to hear it!