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Bristolians Red Seas Fire exposing more than fake likes

Red Seas Fire - Exposition EP

The name Red Seas Fire has come up a couple of times in recent weeks. The Bristolian tech four-piece have been at the forefront of the recent fake Facebook likes issue, having been affected by and produced a video on the subject, which has over 19,000 views at this point.

Neotenic also caught them at Takedown Festival this weekend just gone, and mentioned them as “ones to watch” in his review on Monday. He also made mention of their forthcoming EP Exposition, which right on cue was released on Wednesday to the maelstrom that is the internet!

Exposition is available now on a pay-what-you-wish model. Although they’re getting some recognition (real recognition, besides their deceptive ‘like’ count on their Facebook page), this is still probably a good model for them at the moment.

They’ve put up a handy stream of the EP on YouTube for you to try before you buy. Check it out:

It’s a pretty short, sweet snapshot of the band in their current iteration. They last released material in late 2011 when Adam “Nolly” Getgood, now of Periphery, was still in the band. That self-titled mini-album got them some followers indeed, but I expect this one to do them even more favours; it’s brief enough that you can put it on for a short listen and not get bored, and full of enough of the kind of variety so often lacking in releases from this genre.

Some of the riffs are pretty cool, and whilst it’s pretty heavy on the djenty rhythm, it has some nice cleaner interludes as well – all well handled – in which vocalist Robin shows the dual sides to his range (this lighter side being my preferred – track 3 “Of Motion” is my favourite so far).

It’s not perfect, but it’s definitely worth a listen to decide if it’s your thing or not.

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