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Second track from Refused’s forthcoming album hits the airwaves

Refused - Freedom album art

The last few years have seen a number of high-profile reunions in the world of heavy music. There’s always a lot of trepidation from the respective fanbases – even if it does thankfully work out for the best, as we discovered with Faith No More last week – but few are more passionate than the fans of Refused, who came out of exile in 2012 after combusting spectacularly some fourteen years previously.

Refused were adamant about their politics and ways of creating music. I’ve spoken at length about the topic of their return, so I won’t bore you any further, but the rumours and then confirmation of a new Refused album called Freedom have been met with more wariness than most – despite the new song they put out, “Elektra“, being quite decent.

Today the band have released another cut from the record, called “Françafrique”. It references France’s relationship with its former African colonies, and is scathing in its attack on the influence the country still has over the likes of the Republic of the Congo, Burundi and Rwanda to name a few: the main refrain states that Françafrique is “just another word for genocide.”

It’s not subtle at all. Here’s what it sounds like!

Ignoring the politics of the song for a moment, the music is…just a bit bland. It’s catchy in a blues rock kind of way, but hardly the kind of banger we know they can produce, and . The children calling the “exterminate the brutes” refrain is a bit gimmicky, but that’s more down to preference. Beyond that, the guitar alternates between two mains lines – and that’s about it.

I figure it’ll probably worm its way in there, which is sort of the point, but so far it’s not one for the positives column. Guess we’ll have to see what the full album brings.

Speaking of, Freedom is due out June 30th via Epitaph Records. The band have a fair number of tour dates on the horizon, including a North American tour supporting Faith No More.