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Brent Petrie - The Void

Last week we unveiled the teaser for Monolithic Records’ first release: Brent A. Petrie‘s The Void. We’re gearing up for the release and have been overwhelmed by the positive response thus far. As a treat we’ve decided to unveil one of the tracks from the album to whet your appetites even further. Valve fans rejoice!

Featuring the inimitable GLaDOS from the Portal video game series, “Aerial Faith Plate” is a progressive metal track inspired by the game. Everyone’s favourite test subject catapult is commemorated with this mid-tempo groove built around tapping and chugging guitars. The artist says:

[quote-symbol symbol1]I’m a huge fan of video games, and every so often, one comes along that really just nails every aspect of the experience. The Portal games did just that. With this song, I wanted to crystallize the feeling of using the various updated “testing elements” from the second game. This song is how flying around the testing facility felt to me.


Here’s the full tracklist for the record:

01. Memento Mori
02. Water Coffin Triptych
03. Transmission 1
04. Aerial Faith Plate
05. Hypnagogia
06. Transmission 2
07. Liminality
08. 21 Grams Hypothesis
09. Transmission 3
10. Wolf River Blues
11. Io
(feat. Sacha Laskow of Enditol/Walkaschaos/ex-Divinity)
12. And Death Shall Have No Dominion

The album is now exclusively available for pre-order in webstore. Check it out and become an early adopter; soon there will be a multitude of great metal records across a myriad of genres lining our virtual obsidian walls.

Brent A. Petrie’s The Void will be released right here on January 17th 2013. Members will be able to pay what they want (free download if they wish), for non members it will cost £4.

If you’d like to get in touch about Monolithic Records, read our deal here, and then email with all of your band information and details and we’ll get back to you!

For those of you who missed it this last time, here’s that killer teaser of the whole album!

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