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Anti-Clone - Hands Sewn Together art

Hands Sewn Together

25th August 2014 – Self-released

01.Take This Pill
02. Here Comes The Flood
03. 1984
04. System (FT John Knight)
05. The Usurper

As we all know, history has a habit of repeating itself. As time progresses, the thrill of the old can sometimes be as exciting as the thrill of the new. Or even the ‘nu’. With the violent backlash against anything even resembling nu-metal throughout the latter half of the noughties and beyond gradually softening, there are increasing numbers of emerging bands taking their cues from the names that dominated the pre-millennial metal scene. One such band are Boston (Lincolnshire, not Massachusetts) quintet Anti-Clone, with their debut EP Hands Sewn Together.

It doesn’t take Anti-Clone long to lay their cards on the table. Opening track “Take This Pill” is a meaty slice of groove metal, with a strong flavour of early Mudvayne and a hefty chorus. The thick and dirty production also seems comparable to Ross Robinson’s higher profile knob-twiddling.

As the five tracks of Hands Sewn Together progress, Anti-Clone reveal a well rounded, groove-driven and slightly industrial-tinted sound. It is reminiscent, at times, of the likes of American Head Charge, Spineshank, Misery Loves Co. and Sober-era Tool. This last reference is given a hefty shove through a guest vocal turn on “System” from Synaptik‘s John Knight, providing his very best Maynard James Keenan impression.

Hands Sewn Together is a solid and efficient collection, with no weak tracks and stacked with dystopian themes and satisfying riffs. Perhaps the EP’s lowest ebb is a rather regrettable guitar solo towards the end of “System“, which is brief but does take a little of the shine off the song by not really gelling with its accompaniment. This is a pity.

But nevertheless, there is much to be encouraged by in Anti-Clone’s first offering. It is clear they operate well together as a sleek unit, and everyone knows what they are doing. Whilst they are not exactly an original proposition, there have not been many bands emerging that are capable of their stripe of stompalong for a number of years.

Whilst there is still some growing for the band to do in order to really fulfil their potential, Hands Sewn Together shows that it’s going to be worth hanging around for that to happen. A promising and encouraging start from Anti-Clone.

Hands Sewn Together is available from Anti-Clone’s Bigcartel page.