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Arcaeon - Balance EP art


26th January 2018 – Self-release

01. Endeavour
02. Fade
03. Mind’s Eye
04. Dysaxis
05. Legacies

After forming a solid base with previous prog iteration Clockwork, five-piece unit Arcaeon – which features four of the same members – have now been a unit for just over a year, and have been hard at work writing their debut release: the superbly-artworked Balance EP.

In a very similar vein to Clockwork, there are very clear ties to bands such as Northlane and TesseracT, with many examples of peaceful ambience interspersed with shudderingly heavy vocals and technical guitar interplay. Opener “Endeavour” kicks the release off marvellously after a slowly-building intro gives way to a guitar riff full of groove and complexity. These riffs are complemented with the odd time signature change (reminiscent of early SikTh material) before being joined with an array of ferocious and harmonic vocal passages. A slight post-metal ambience filters into the atmospheric nature of the song to create a sense of calm, while the odd electronic flourish attempts to freshen things up before a large melodic outro.

The EP’s standout moment is “Fade“, a track swathed in atmosphere and laced with chugging guitar riffs and abstract pacing. Similar in nature to how Marcus Bridge of Northlane delivers his parts, William Alex Young’s clean vocals are beautifully layered and relatively prevalent throughout the track, while the odd heavy section counteracts brilliantly with the dream-like atmosphere. The band also aren’t afraid to mix things up amongst the progressive nature of their brand of metalcore; whether it’s an upliftingly accessible chorus as evident on “Dysaxis“, or the sheer catchiness of the main guitar riff on “Legacies” which is sure to be a live favourite amongst their future audiences.

Having already played with some of the tech scenes heavyweight bands in Devil Sold His Soul and The Arusha Accord and pledging their influences amongst bands such as Northlane, Sikth and Architects, the future looks increasingly exciting for this young group.