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Au Champs Des Morts

Au Champ Des Morts

Dans La Joie

January 27th 2017 – Debemur Morti Productions

01. Nos Decombres
02. Apres Le Carnage
03. Le Sang, Le Mort, La Chute
04. Contempler l’Abîme
05. Dans La Joie
06. L’étoile Du Marin
07. La Fin Du Monde

January is a cold month, designed to kill off the remnants of the previous year. It’s gloomy, snow filled and bleak – and it’s brilliant. Conversely,

Every so often a band will drop an album that perfectly fits the time of year it finds itself being released and Au Champ Des Morts have done just that with a right January of an album in Dans La Joie.

The genre in which they operate, black metal, is conversely a tired old style, reminiscent of a decaying December gloom, with worn out clichés and fanboys complaining about a lack of church burnings. Its natural disposition for memorializing rather than looking forwards means it has really struggled and has to fight for its place among the echelons of modern metal.

However, with bands like Deafheaven and Oathbreaker leading the charge, it feels like black metal is undergoing something of a renaissance and slowly realising that fresh blood is never a bad thing. Au Champs Des Morts have been making some waves in the underground for a while now, and off the back of their debut EP Le Jour Se Lève they’ve built their fan base. and are brushing off the tired trappings of the black metal of yesteryear.”

Dans La Joie, or ‘in joy’ if you’re a non-Frenchist, is for lack of a better word terrifying. This cerebral record is a textured assault on the senses that has honed the blunt force of black metal into a surgical grade attack. Its dramatic lurches leap from all-out black metal into melodic bleakness with the blink of an eye. Tracks like “Le Sang, Le Mort, La Chute” are incredibly powerful insights to the album as a whole, unfurling from melody into blistering ferocious assaults only serve to distribute the wealth of talent on this record more evenly.

Album closer “La Fin Du Mode” is awe inspiring, clean guitar lines and shoegazed wistfulness prevails and are carried on multilayered vocal waves that soothe and gently bring the listener back to earth after such dramatic explosions of aggression. This could well be my favourite song of 2017, although only time will tell.

Dans La Joie is a completely contemporary look at black metal and Au Champs Des Morts should be commended for delivering such perfectly honed drama through well thought out songwriting. The experience of the listener should always be at the forefront of good songwriting and this debut is as strong and vibrant as you’re ever likely to hear.

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