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Beissert - DarknessDevilDeath

[12th March, 2013]
[Agonia Records]

01. Thy Chthonic Cathedral
02. DarknessDevilDeath
03. Age Ov Darkness
04. Zorn Der Geister
05. My Path Shall Be Your Wrath
06. Perm Trias
07. I Am The Lore
08. Do What Thou Wilt
10. De Profundis Clamavi
11. Die Diamantenen Tore Der Hoelle (Polaris)

Chances are you haven’t heard of Beissert, a German five-piece of melodic-death-power metal. Perhaps it’s time for that to change.

The band (from Dresden which is in the eastern federated state of Saxony, within ‘Germanland’), first released a demo in 2005. Initially their style was on the cheesy end of the metal spectrum, yet with their third album Darkness:Devil:Death that was released in March of this year, they went in a more serious direction. The result is a remarkably pleasant, vibrant and refreshing collection of songs, performed partly in English and partly in German.

Clocking in at just over three quarters of an hour, the record isn’t shorter than your average record, but a full spin is sure to fly by due to its easily digestible nature.

Darkness:Devil:Death is eleven songs of highly contagious melodic metal, given a face of its own primarily by means of the vocals by Bssrt, the alias of singer Richard Beissert. (The other band members have stylized their titles in the same vein: Bldg, Sltr, Mhl and Wg.) Bssrt is supported by guest vocals from Thor Sten from fellow-German metal group Burden. What makes the total pallet of vocals so memorable are the power metal-like high pitched clean vocals alternated and supported by a variety of unclean and downright dirty singing styles.

The album is recorded at Kohlekeller Studio, which is owned byKristian Kohlmannslehner, the mastermind and sole occupant of a very appealing progressive death metal project called Another Perfect Day. Their sole full-length The Gothenburg Post Scriptum not only features amazing songs, but also a production quality that is as crisp and clear as the sounds of nature at dawn. Beissert clearly profit from this man’s abilities in the studio and deliver a sound that is nothing short of perfect.

Although, there is one small negative: whereas the record contains its share of thriving and stimulating guitar solos, their impact is more limited than it should have been. Though less noticeable when playing through head phones, it might be as simple as raising the solo guitar volume in the mix above everything else, in order to make the record’s peaks more significant and powerful.

Only three of the eleven songs on the record could be considered ‘average’, including opening song “Thy Chtonic Cathedral“, “Perm Trias“, and the title track. However, the rest manages to have a massive impact. “I Am the Lore” has a brilliant riff medley of electric and acoustic guitars in unison, nothing complicated in itself, but a lovely colour of sound nonetheless, as well as an almost funky interlude. “Die Diamantenen Tore der Hölle (Polaris)“, one of the two songs with a German title, is a great closer stylistically hewing closer to classic heavy metal blended with groovy rock and grunge. Its ending sequence is strengthened by an almost Soundgardian display of feedback over hampering drums.

Darkness:Devil:Death has its share of catchy melodies, but have moved away from sillier territory, instead creating riffs that are deeper and more atmospheric in tone. Chugging, heavy metal riffage is also present, but are hardly the most prominent feature on the record. Rather, it brings balance and serves to clear the way for the next melodic serving. What’s so good about the whole thing is that this band reminds me of absolutely nothing else. You likely missed out on Beissert in March, so now’s a great time to catch up and get acquainted!


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