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Binary Code

The Binary Code - Moonsblood album art


24th May 2016 – Self-released

01. Immersion
02. Trees 100ft Underwater
03. Dark Meditations
04. Moonsblood
05. Knell
06. Push
07. Cetacean
08. 707
09. Unexist

Seven years is a pretty long time, right? For better, or in a lot of cases worse, the world is near recognisable from that time. It was also when Binary Code released their debut album, Suspension Of Belief. The Priest EP followed in 2010, but since then, founding guitarist Jesse Zuretti has started afresh with a brand new line up, changing almost everything for follow-up album Moonsblood - hell, even the band logo has changed – so the question is: was that time spent eating crisps and playing Street Fighter 2, or was it spent rebuilding a band which can potentially give the likes of Gojira and Textures a run for their money?

Thankfully it was the latter, and that’s an understatement to say the very least.

It’s very rare to get a band with the right level of heaviness and atmosphere without coming across as super corny. It’s a super difficult task, yet one which the New Jersey natives take comfortably in their stride; opening number “Immersion” isn’t particularly a song I’d hinge this whole album on, but as soon as “Trees 100ft Underwater” hits you’re left thinking how you lived in a world without Binary Code.

One of the new additions, vocalist Oded Weinstock, for lack of better term fucking kills it. He can be as light as a feather, yet as harsh as bag of rusty nails when he needs to be. The album’s title track is the living embodiment of that statement, and he only gets better from that point onward. He’s a jack of all trades, but instead of being a jack of some and a king of none, he’s king of all the things.

Across Moonsblood there are a million and one little hidden intricacies, separating Binary Code from the pack. My god, the riffs! Seven years is a long time, and a long way back from which to come from behind, but that time was far from wasted; everything has purpose, with no wasted movement whatsoever. There is no filler; Moonsblood is 100% killer, it goes to show that paying attention to the little bits is massively beneficial to the overall big picture.

With the likes of Gojira, Textures and Cult of Luna all releasing some of the best work they’ve ever produced in 2016, it’s extremely gratifying to see someone else smash through the wall like the Kool-Aid guy, grab you by the scruff of your neck and scream “look at me!”. Binary Code have done just that with Moonsblood, and surely they should be mentioned in the same breath as those progressive heavyweights. It’s like having Mohammed Ali, Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather standing in the ring, and then out comes Big Dave from some rinky dink boxing club somewhere in the north of England, and flooring each one, right after another. Moonsblood hits hard, you’ll thank me later for the heads up – once you’ve picked up your broken teeth, of course.

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