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Black Mare/Lycia

Black Mare Lycia split 7 Record Store Day

Record Store Day 2015 – 7″ Split

18th April 2015 – Magic Bullet Records

01 – Black Mare – “Low Crimes”
02 – Lycia – “Silver Leaf”

Despite record store day becoming a corporate exercise in peddling low quality pressings of albums to be flipped for triple to price on eBay, sometimes – just sometimes – it happens to cultivate some great collaborations. This years event has given birth to a magnificent split in the form of a split from Ides Of Gemini side project Black Mare and darkwave legends Lycia.

Black Mare take the lead on this release with a bold, yet deeply textured slice of darkness called “Low Crimes“, whose sole intention is to envelop the listener in a dense, sultry haze. You find yourself lost in a sea of spectre-like vocals and rumbling bass lines that spiral carelessly and vastly. This is a slow-burning intoxication that creeps in steadily whilst you’re oblivious to the inevitable end.

Lycia’s addition only compliments the proceedings nicely – but you can’t help but feel that the tracks are the wrong way round. With the breathless, classic sounds of “Silver Leaf“. With a David Bowie-esque drawl that finds itself carried by waves of haunting backing vocals and acoustic guitar fills.

Whilst both of the tracks on this release are strong, and in many ways uncompromising, I can’t help but feel that had the tracklisting been reversed that the experience would have carried more of an impact. That said, this is an excellent release, and a perfect representation of what both of these bands have to offer.

75% / 59%

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