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Canaya - Sealed Within The Walls[17th February 2014]
[Hyde And Seek]

01. Levitating Casket
02. Award Winning Bastard
03. Monarch Of Sin
04. Committed (Featuring John Sutcliffe)
05. Audio Porn For The Blind

Aggression is something that Canaya’s latest EP Sealed Within The Walls has in droves. The pummeling snare rolls that lead us into opener “Levitating Casket” signals their murderous intent, and from therein Canaya don’t let go of the chaos.

Harking back to the good ol’ days where Botch and Deadguy were forging new roads in noise, Canaya feel removed from any current trends in hardcore/metal/heavyheavy. Thankfully there’s not a djent to be heard and it feels refreshing. Modern metal can be stale and unfortunately sometimes bland and boring, with new bands seemingly content with trying to out-heavy each other or out-trend each other. To remedy this, Canaya have created an EP that is fuelled with heavy riffs, killer drumming, grinding low end and and some very exciting vocal layering and placements that are far-removed from the above mentioned bore-core.

Closing track “Audio Porn for the Blind” is an expertly-crafted journey starting with devastating sludge and careening on to brutal double kick assault, and from there lurching towards blast-y sludge and everywhere in-between.

Vocalist Simon Wright barks, growls, screams and croons with the best of them, with messrs Owen and Chris Wilson backing him superbly throughout each and every track. The layers and variance in Simon’s delivery keeps things interesting, and perfectly complement to the rest of the cacophony created herein. The inclusion of “Committed” – featuring John Sutcliffe (ex-Humanfly) – fits nicely and makes great sense, given Unsane have a similar sonic blueprint. The inclusion of a cover may be the only blip on the scorecard here – considering this is a 5 track EP, it could have been a chance to showcase more of their own song-writing prowess – but at the same time, as it is a seamless transition between tracks and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb Canaya can be forgiven!

Sealed Within The Walls sounds every bit as gritty as the title would suggest. Production is relatively raw in that the sounds captured feel like what you would get at a live show – in other words, totally on-point. The drums are big when they need to be, which is most of the time. The guitars come at you in wave after wave of biting overdrive and the bass is hits you with the chest rumble that it always should and has enough grind to be discernible when things get ultra heavy – which again is most of the time! The vocal production is spectacular – there is a sense of depth and space present that is so often overlooked in favour of volume and brutality.

Alongside the likes of Exotic Animal Petting Zoo, East Of The Wall, Drawers and Zoax in recent times, Canaya are bringing some much-needed diversity to heavy music in 2014. Let’s hope they can keep the ball rolling and the riffs flowing for many years to come.


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