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No Consequence



8th June 2015 – Basick Records

01. Acala
02. Our Time Has Come
03. Is This A Way To Live
04. Resistance
05. The Turning Point
06. Half Light
07. Citizen
08. Speechless
09. Disconnect
10. Signs
11. Vimana

No Consequence have been a cornerstone of the UK tech-metal scene virtually since it’s inception. Indeed, first album In The Shadow Of Gods predated the debut offerings of big hitters like TesseracT, Monuments or Periphery. With a significantly shorter turnaround time than 2013′s follow-up Io, No Consequence are back with album number three Vimana.

Whilst No Consequence have built up a formidable reputation and a loyal fanbase through their live performances, they have struggled to capture the atmosphere of those shows on record thus far. Robbed of the more visceral punch of the live versions, their songs unfortunately lack many truly memorable moments. That is, until now.

Because Vimana is both a slight step away from their sound of the past, and – crucially – a big step up in terms of the quality of the song writing. Whilst it is clear the band still share the bulk of their influences with those three aforementioned heavy hitters, there is also evidence of more progressive elements in the mix, of the stripe of Karnivool‘s Asymmetry. First indications of this shift come right out of the gate in short introductory track “Acala“, characterised by drummer Colin’s loping, tom-heavy beat. There are even clearer moments later on, but we’ll get to them in a moment.

A look down the tracklisting also hints that No Consequence are themselves aware of the progress they have been making, with song titles like “Our Time Has Come” and “The Tipping Point” in the mix, there’s a palpable sense throughout of the band’s increased confidence in their own abilities – and rightfully so; “Our Time Has Come” itself packs the first of a number of memorable choruses, as well as a liberal helping of the buzzsaw djentisms on which they’ve built their reputation.

The biggest surprise, however, is lurking about two-thirds of the way through the running order, in the form of “Citizen“. Not only is it by far the strongest song that No Consequence have put their name to thus far, but it’s one of the best songs of the year this writer has heard so far, bar none. With big vocal hooks, together with lovely atmospheric verses joined to a tremendously satisfying and meaty chorus riff by an inspired chord progression, the song is an unqualified triumph and, basically, makes the purchase of Vimana worthwhile on its own. It’s that good.

Let’s be clear, though, that Vimana is not a one trick pony. “Resistance” is another high quality stomper and the title track itself brings the album to a rousing finale. It would be fair to say that there are still moments where the desire to add an extra note or two to a riff is satisfied at the expense of the groove, but such examples are far more sparse than they have been in the past.

With all members – and especially vocalist Kaan – noticeably upping their game, Vimana sees No Consequence really deliver on the potential that has been so obviously lurking in their previous albums. Throughout, there’s a definite sense that the band are really finding their sound. Vimana is a rock solid album, and if No Consequence continue to develop on this path, their future could be incredibly bright.