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Core Of iO

Core Of iO - Part IV Callisto art

Part IV: Callisto

2nd May 2015 – Self-released

01. Introduction
02. The Wait and The Stag
03. Interlude
04. So Delicate With Power
05. Please Remind Me Please

It’s been just over a year since Brightonian quartet Core Of iO dropped their remarkably self-assured debut EP With Gravity As My Hostess. Setting themselves a prolific pace, they have subsequently followed this up with two stand-alone singles and now EP number two, Part IV: Callisto.

And yet even in this relatively short period of time, some progression is evident. This EP feels more mature than it predecessor, with the almost punky exuberance morphing into slightly more reflective post-hardcore – but nevertheless, the EP remains a collection of the stripe of upbeat, high-energy tech-prog we’ve come to expect from Core of iO. Whilst these new songs might not be quite as immediate as those on With Gravity As My Hostess, it doesn’t take more than a couple of listens for them to sink in.

With three full songs and two short instrumental interludes, Part IV: Callisto doesn’t hang about either, going some way to prove that the ‘little and often’ approach to releasing new music can be particularly effective for upcoming bands. Of the three songs, lead single “So Delicate With Power” is probably the strongest; it’s a dynamic piece of songwriting with a great chorus and a truly memorable outro. It also comes equipped with a gently amusing video, which plays with the cliches of the form with good humour.

The band’s riffs continue to confidently walk the line between intricacy and catchiness, now perhaps sounding closer to a marriage between The Safety Fire and Hundred Reasons. The EP is peppered with a large number of deft little fills and flourishes that showcase, in particular, the skills of the rhythm section, with bassist Gareth and drummer Richard matching the guitars of Luke and Bob note for note, or beat for beat. There is some particularly satisfying stickwork towards the end of closing track “Please Remind Me Please“. Core Of iO’s sound is then topped off by Bob’s strong and soulful voice and his ear for a characterful vocal hook.

So Part IV: Callisto delivers exactly what it should: a neat and tidy little collection of great songs that charts the continuing development of this tremendously promising band, and their distinctive sound. The band are poised to set out on tour in support of the EP and these new tracks should translate effectively to the live environment. Core Of Io are developing into a genuine force to be reckoned with, and if they keep up this pace we shouldn’t have to wait too long for the next instalment.