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Despite My Deepest Fear

Despite My Deepest Fear - Selfish Generation - Cover

Selfish Generation

1st December 2015 – Self-released

01. Selfish Generation
02. F.Y.F
03. Stranded
04. The Repressed
05. Infinite
06. Long Way Home

London metalcore heavyweights Despite My Deepest Fear have come a long way since their inception in 2010. Selfish Generation marks their first release since their 2013 effort Make Or Break. A lot has changed in their scene in the past two years. Did they manage to adapt to survive?

From the get go it’s obvious that the band have switched up their sound, reducing the core elements to shimmers that deliver more impact when paired with their newly found pop elements. The title track is both memorable and bright crushing.

The progression is evident, but at times muddy. This is most apparent in “Stranded“, where a multitude of styles feel lost in each other; whilst the electronics work with the deep and chugging riffs, there’s something that prevents this track from being a standout on the EP, which is a shame.

On the other hand, ”Infinite” almost feels like a meandering into pop punk territory; its soaring chorus and longing lyrics pair up effortlessly with the pounding and crushing metallic passages. Both vocalists are at their most powerful here, and this dominating energy continues into final track “Long Way Home” with a kind of Crossfaith-esque energy that is palpable and vast. This final act is the perfect distillation of the record as a whole; its pummeling beats and infectious hooks are a welcome step up for a band that appeared directionless for the longest time.

Despite My Deepest Fear have spent most of 2015 asleep, but Selfish Generation is definitely them waking from their slumber. These groove-laden, pop-tinged metal anthems are going to destroy in a live setting, which is good as they hit the road in January.

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