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Down I Go

Down I Go - Mortals album art


14th August 2017 – Self-released

01. Psyche
02. Palaemon
03. Pandora
04. Heracles

In the 1999 film Never Been Kissed, Aldis, Josie’s nerdy friend, says “The theme is everything.” In the film she’s talking about a high school prom (mostly attended by actors in their mid to late 20s) but it could have just as well been a reference to Down I Go and their penchant for the thematic. Starting with their initial “-core” albums (Dino-, Robot- and Disaster- respectively), continuing with Tyrant, Gods and finally 2015′s comeback album You’re Lucky God, That I Cannot Reach You, Down I Go have not shied away from this theme of themes and Mortals, their very recently announced, very soon to be released EP, is no exception.

Almost like a response to Gods, Mortals sees the English-But-Now-Spread-Across-The-Globe three-but-sometimes-four-piece exploring the mortal characters of the myths of yore; four in total, with each character getting their own song.

Kicking things off with a signature Alan Booth groovy riff and classic Down I Go vocal harmonies – reminiscent of Look What I Did, another great mathcore act is “Psyche“, who bends the rules slightly as she’s a goddess, but like many other mononymous people started her life as a mere mortal before stepping up to legendary status. Between the vocal harmonies we hear vocalist Pete Fraser’s bark come through, but his more velvety tones are never more than a few seconds away. Rock solid beats from drummer Ben Standage then back everything up and that’s, to be fair, quite an accurate representation of the EP.

Mortals is a rock solid EP; four songs that are hard to fault but in fairness are also very consistent in style throughout. The biggest breakaway stylistically is the ending of “Palaemon“, where Pete goes all out choral over some keyboards. It’s a beautiful ending to the piece and a great little respite to break the EP up, making it feel larger than the sum of its parts.

Down I Go have always been thematic in their lyrics, but there is consistency also in their quality – and Mortals is no exception, proving to be an excellent addition to an already great discography. Let’s just hope they’ve got a few more of these surprise EPs up their sleeves.

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