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From Sorrow To Serenity


Remnant Of Humanity

22nd April 2016 – Self-released

01. Lost Our Way 02. Hellbound 03. Forsaken 04. Illusive 05. The Divide 06. Attrition 07. Nescient 08. Prosthetic Eyes 09. In Time 10. The Way Back

Like a punch to the gut that you can’t stop puking from, back in 2013 a relatively unknown band from Scotland call From Sorrow To Serenity released their debut EP Antithesis, and although only four songs long, it left a lasting impression. Remnant Of Humanity is the next chapter in this rather gripping tale, and one that a fair few have been clamouring for a while – myself included. Back with a trademark roundhouse to the face, opening track “Lost Our Way” carries on from where Antithesis left off. It’s essentially the same, but everything is that little bit more polished and refined, thanks in small part to producer Will Putney (Thy Art Is Murder, Suicide Silence, Northlane). As the album progresses, you really get a sense of how far the band have come, although it does take a couple of listens to notice all the little subtleties to back up that claim. It’s no longer for heavy for heavy’s sake; instead, certain moments are the heaviest the band has ever been, but it’s executed to a point where it can deliver the most impact. Granted, Remnant Of Humanity will appeal to a much wider audience, as it’s reigned back a lot more than Antithesis, but when those brutal little moments happen, it’ll give you a face like you’ve just eaten lemons that came from a bag made of lemons that’s soaked in lemon juice for 6 months. Yeah, that face. “The Divide” in particular is lemon-face personified; it’ll make you want to punch everyone’s nan in the face – of course, we don’t condone this – but it’s the best way to describe that brand of heaviness you see with this new wave of tech-infused deathcore. It has that djenty bounce to it; it’s so moreish that you might have to go to rehab, because you sold your house, your car, your dog, your pocket watch that grandpa Joe gave you on his death bed just to feed this habit. All in the best way possible of course. Any apprehension over whether Remnant Of Humanity could match Antithesis is quickly dissipated: to cut a long story short, yes it does. In fact, it takes Antithesis and uppercuts it straight to the surface of the moon, like some overpowered Dragonball Z battle (think Krillen vs. well, anyone else). The future is bright for all things deathcore, and mark my words that these Glaswegians will be right there leading the charge. Ryan writer banner