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Frontierer - Orange Mathematics album art

Orange Mathematics

30th October 2015 – Self-released

01. Bunsen
02. Cascading Dialects
03. The Collapse
04. The Digital Tarpit
05. Tunnel Jumper
06. Helium Vat
07. Bleak
09. Delorean Trails
10. Time Disruption Footprint
11. Exposure & Aperture
12. Evil Dermis
13. Mt. Swath
14. Crystal Turbine
15. Dusk

Hold on to something. Something substantial; maybe the fridge, because transatlantic collaborators Frontierer‘s second record Orange Mathematics has not so much been released, but rather unleashed on a largely unsuspecting public. Assume brace positions.

Frontierer is the demented, feral brainchild of Pedram Valiani and Owen Hughes, until recently of Sectioned, together with Chad Kapper of A Dark Orbit. The trio have reached across the ocean to join forces and create on of the densest, most ferocious walls of noise since The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza hung up their dancing shoes. Make no mistake: Orange Mathematics is not for the nervous, timid or those with a heart condition. It will have broadly the same effect on a lazy Sunday afternoon as an airstrike. You have been warned.

Right from the off, Orange Mathematics plants a lead foot on the accelerator and flatly refuses to lift it off again until, some fifteen tracks later, it comes careering to a halt. Introductory track “Bunsen” is as brutal an opening salvo as “Velvet Kervorkian” heralding the beginning of Strapping Young Lad‘s City. With the pace rarely slipping below ‘frenetic’, the album displays a particularly caustic flavour of venom that is both deeply terrifying and tremendously exhilarating.

As a result, one is forced to call upon an equally fearsome collection of touchstones for reference. Along with the aforementioned Danza and SYL, Orange Mathematics also brings to mind the likes of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Daughters (for the improbable array of discordant noises wrought from Pedram’s guitar) and Atari Teenage Riot (due to the occasional adventures into distorted breakbeat territory). It’s hard to remember the last time such an illustrious – not to mention entirely batshit – collection of names was pressed into service to describe a self-released album.

Initial listens to Orange Mathematics are alarming and bewildering, but also very compelling. It might have shattered your teeth and left you with a cluster headache, but when it’s all over you’ll soon be itching to push that play button again, ready to dive back into the maelstrom. With each subsequent playthrough, Orange Mathematics makes a bit – just a little bit – more sense. A track likely to jump out from those early listens is “Tunnel Jumper“, which packs a surprise attack from an enormous, filthy groove that will set heads nodding practically subliminally.

Throughout, the production feels appropriately thick, raw and in-your-face. Brutally sludgy low-end riffs combine with jagged and piercing, Dillinger-esque discordant shards. Chad’s apoplectic vocals add yet another layer to the fury, and they are fully incorporated into the mix, rather than sitting on top of it.

As relentless as an avalanche, Frontierer’s blistering noise is probably not for everyone, but people who get their kicks from visceral, white-knuckle runaway train rides should pounce on Orange Mathematics faster than they can shout “Geronimo”.

Orange Mathematics is available on a pay what you like basis from Frontierer’s Bandcamp page.