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Greenleaf Cover

Rise Above The Meadow

February 26th 2016 – Napalm Records

01. A Million Fireflies
02. Funeral Pyre
03. Howl
04. Golden Throne
05. Carry Out The Ribbons
06. Levitate & Bow (Pt 1 & 2)
07. You’re Gonna Be My Ruin
08. Tyrants Tongue
09. Pilgrims

When you hear about a band with the name Greenleaf, what do you expect? Slow paced riffs under a veil of green mist? Yeah me too, but that’s actually not the case with this Swedish quartet. Originally a side project from members Dozer, Demon Cleaner and Lowrider, Greenleaf have morphed into a full-time concern in their own right. Indeed; with six albums under their belts - brand new effort Rise Above The Meadow included – it’s hard to see them any other way.

Their Napalm Records debut, it starts as the pummeling tidal wave of heaviness and bravado that originally brought the band to the dance, but there’s an overwhelming tone of classic rock that permeates the ear holes: like an imaginary scenario where Kyuss, Queens Of The Stone Age, Deep Purple and Clutch all racing on Mario Kart‘s Rainbow Road; lots of carnage, but ooh, look at the pretty colours!

Bad analogy, but the album isn’t; far from it. Rise Above The Meadow covers pretty much everything in the stoner rock spectrum. Need sackfulls of fuzz? It’s got it. Want big riffs? Got it. After an elevated sense of grandeur? Sorted. Right from the opening riffs of “A Million Fireflies” to the dying breathes of “Pilgrims“, Rise From The Meadow is an album that screams to be listened to over and over. There’s something very addictive about it; an addiction where I’d stab a guy to sell his shoes (all hypothetically of course) just to get another listen.

Fans of the band, or stoner in general, will have already salivated enough over the prospect of this release, myself included. For others dipping their toe in the water so to speak, this would be the perfect launch pad to which you can start your journey. If you’re looking for an album which is chilled with a jagged edge, then look no further for your perfect accompaniment for that certain 4:20 ritual..

But we at The Monolith don’t endorse drugs, so don’t do drugs kids.

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