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gryflet moon harvester album artwork

Moon Harvester

29th September 2017 – Self-released

01. Cosmic Truth
02. I Will Ride You Tirelessly
03. Little Parasite
04. Moon Harvester
05. The String
06. Eye Of The Storm
07. Seren’s Song

Gryflet owe a lot to an established style; they’re firmly in the Sleep/Kyuss camp; thick desert rock dripping with psych inflections. Their new EP unfolds over seven tracks, each dipping into a separate section of stoner territory.

Opener “Cosmic Truth” builds to a heady crescendo before dropping out, coming back into a stoic, driving groove. “Little Parasite” features one of the most compelling riffs on the record, giving way to the jam-heavy “Moon Harvester“. Later, the dense, swampy “Eye of the Storm” and the classic desert rock vibes of Seren’s song bring the EP to a dreamy conclusion.

The EP is packed full of spirit and energy and there are some bubbles under the surface that hint more at just a solid stoner rock effort. There’s a lot to like; the Kyuss/Queens Of The Stone Age guitar play is supported by a thunderous rhythm section and the bass has a particularly striking creative presence and place in the mix. There’s an excellent interplay between structured tracks and fuzzed-out, loose sections. For a shorter release the EP is surprisingly diverse and accomplished, and the mix is much tighter than previous releases; it’s also great to see a band with an ear for diverse songwriting to include some shorter, more straightforward tracks.

Gryflet have solidified their sound over a number of releases and have settled into a comfortable stoner rock groove; a couple of EPs in it feels like they’re maybe moving towards a full-length album. Having nailed this sound there’s definitely room to experiment further; there are some hints of psych influence that might work well if brought a little more to the forefront.

Warm and rich, Moon Harvester may be a little predictable but Gryflet are in excellent company – and in any case, stoner rock can be a little on-the-nose if it’s still fun and wholesome. An excellent addition to an already jam-packed roster of 2017′s stoner releases.

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