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Hideous Divinity



28th April 2017 – Unique Leader

01. Ages Die
02. Sub Specie Aeternitatis
03. Passages
04. Angel of Revolution
05. Feeding off the Blind
06. When Flesh Unfolds
07. Messianica
08. Future In Red
09. Embodiment of Chaos

Italy is home to one of the most consistent and continually expanding death metal scenes in Europe, with the success of bands such as Fleshgod Apocalypse and Hour Of Penance showing they have no intention of letting up any time soon. 2012 saw the introduction of Hideous Divinity into the fray with their debut album Obeisance Rising, showcasing dizzyingly paced drumming, sinister riff work and an incredible sense of rhythmic syncopation making every song pop with creativity. Within the space of five years they have toured with some of the biggest names in death metal and Adveniens, their third full length release, is proof yet again of their sharp writing focus, their deserved place as one of the country’s upcoming metal artists, and goes some way in convincing you they are equal parts human and hurricane.

Unlike the atmospheric introductions on their previous two records, opening track “Ages Die” catapults you mercilessly into a whirlwind of blast beats that are likely too fast to be registered by any conventional speed camera. This opening, as well as the speedy approach some of the shorter tracks on the record take, maintains their incredibly dense writing style. Mix in an incredibly punchy recording which tows the fine line between gut-punch heaviness and clipping, with expertly placed time signature changes, and what you get is an album that resembles a well-executed game of death metal Tetris, with every riff and every blistering solo inhabiting exactly the space it needs to in order to keep the relentless machine running.

As well as the persistent display of brutality and technicality, Hideous Divinity manage to make room for new experiments to keep things exciting throughout. “Passages” is a particularly ambitious track with a meandering chord progression in the opening verse dragging you in directions you couldn’t possibly have predicted, as well as some particularly dark atmospheric breaks that easily makes this the most dynamic track on the record. This approach is mirrored in the massive closing track “Embodiment of Chaos” which rounds the album out with another incredibly unsettling chord progression, leaving you not with a sense of finality but instead with a sense of dread and unease due to the lack of conventional melodic resolution.

At times the grand layers of distorted guitars produce an atmosphere similar to that of Nile, invoking a sense of ancient evil, but with this record they have truly carved out their own sound. It carries the trademarks of the Italian death metal sound, especially in how inconceivably fast they can thrash away at their instruments, but Adveniens shows they have hit their stride, that they are willing to take creative liberties and risks, and most of all, make you cling on to the nearest stable object while doing so as they unleash their third chapter in uncompromising destruction.