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Mammoth Mammoth

Mammoth Mammoth - Mammoth Bloody Mammoth album art

Mammoth Bloody Mammoth

19th February 2016 – Napalm Records

01. Taste Your Blood
02. Drugs
03. Kick Out The Jams
04. Dead Sea

As large and hairy as their name would suggest, Melbourne-based hell raisers Mammoth Mammoth‘s new 4- track EP Mammoth Bloody Mammoth (that’s a lot of mammoth) is not only a follow up to their critically acclaimed 2015 album Volume IV: Hammered, but also a stark reminder of why the Aussies should be held in such high regard.

The EP starts with “Taste Your Blood” and “Drugs“, two brand new originals, which do exactly what you’d expect them to: grab you by the face and smash it into the ground like an old, rotten piece of meat. Both are armed to the teeth with giant riffs, and if that’s your bag, then you’re going to be more than pleased with what Mammoth Mammoth have to offer.

The third, a cover of MC5‘s “Kick Out The Jams“, is good and all but doesn’t really hold its own against Mammoth Mammoth’s own material, sounding too much like the original to be worth more than a couple of spins; it doesn’t feel like the band made it their own – rather just rather a song to make up the numbers. I get that perhaps Mammoth Bloody Mammoth is a tip of a cap to the old days of CD singles, but like Woolworths, maybe the idea is a bit redundant.

Ultimately, it’s really hard to get excited over a collection of four songs. The first two hold their own, there’s no question about that, but the second half is a tad forgettable to say the least. Still though, they consistently kill it on tour, and people lost their shit, so they’re definitely worth catching next time they roll through town.

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